by Brian Friel

This is the story of the relationship between a self-doubting Faith Healer, the woman who craves his adoration and the manager who dreams of fame and fortune.
Faith Healer Frank is 'blessed' with a gift over which he has no control. A travelling showman, he is compelled to perform night after night, never knowing whether the miracle that will heal his audience will materialise.

His wife Grace abandoned a fledging career in the Law elope with a 'charlatan'. She must deal with Frank's relentless denial of their love and his gradual slide into disillusionment and alcoholism. It is left to Teddy, their manager, to take care of them both, using his wits to makes ends meet.

It is the possibility of a miracle that dogs the heels of this travelling troupe, driving them resolutely forward through 20 years of wandering amongst the remote villages of Wales and Scotland.

This possibility, ever present, makes the hardships they endure all the more profound with the promise of redemption always on the horizon.

Cast: Richard Bligh, Kurt Geyer and Jane Nolan

Director - Fiona Blair

Performed: The Shed, (Melbourne) 1998 and Uniting Church Hall, (Daylesford) 1999