“I am Don Quixote de la Mancha, champion of the weak, defender of the good, saviour of the poor, upholder of the right...”
“‘Don’, is it? Good to meet ya mate.”

The story of a man who, armed with only a ball point pen and a swiss army knife, attacked a Windmill, crushed a grape, and defeated a small army of Tractors who didn’t even know they were at war...
well that’s the way I heard it.
Kind of.

And of his assistant Sancho Panza. He wasn’t a spy. He just ate a lot.

"...there is no more reason to doubt the truth of this than of anything else we never saw."

with Richard Bligh, Tammy Clarkson, Luke Elliot, David Hewitt, The Latje Dancers, Ron Murray, TRACS (AKA the Tractor Restoration and Appreciation Club of Sunraysia) and a cast of thousands.

Adapted & Directed by Fiona Blair
Music Director David Hewitt
Film Maker Arianna Bosi
Lighting Design by Rob Irwin


Performed: The Inland Botanical Gardens, Buronga/Mildura 2004